YouTube Marketing – Maximizes Your SEO Efforts and Gain More Traffic From YouTube

Nobody really knows YouTube. However, YouTube is now the second largest video search engine behind Google. It’s also the third most popular site worldwide. That is why video marketing is such a big strategy for many companies in virtually every sector.

Youtube Marketing

The reason why video marketing works so well is because it allows you to provide a little information about your product or service up front but then upload several videos that summarize and promote your message all at the same time. For example, if you are running a dog grooming business, you can start with a video that shows you grooming dogs. You could then upload several more videos up until the day you ship your last dog grooming video. Your target market would then have watched your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and MySpace as well as seeing your web URL at the bottom of these individual pages.

There are two ways to use YouTube for video marketing. You can either use the “make video” option that uploads your video content to YouTube as an embedded video, or you can upload your video content to your own channel for people to subscribe to and view. Both options will result in the same basic result. You upload your video content to your channel, create an attractive and eye-catching profile picture, then upload your videos to YouTube and get subscribers to your channel. Subscribers will also need to provide their email address in order to get the video materials sent to their email addresses.

YouTube also allows you to place an HTML link on your website. This is useful for SEO efforts as well as to increase the amount of traffic to your website. By placing an HTML link on your website, you will be able to direct a user to your video content. Whenever someone clicks on this HTML link, a user will be taken directly to your video content on YouTube or your other website. If you optimize your videos for the search engines as well as for creating engaging and eye-catching video content, you will find that SEO efforts and YouTube videos go hand in hand.

One of the best ways to optimize your video for search engine rankings is to optimize the video title. The video title is what will draw the user to your video and this is what will appear on the search results. It is important to place relevant keywords and keyword phrases within your video title. You can do this by using keyword tools such as Wordtracker or by taking the term or phrase you want to use and then substituting it within the video title. Google will then take note of the term you have used in the video title and the more times the word or phrase occurs within the video title, the more likely it will appear in the video search results.

Another good way to drive traffic from YouTube to your website or blog is to create multiple video channels. You can create a video channel for each specific product or service that you offer. This will ensure that your video is dedicated to one particular product or service that you offer to your subscribers. As your video grows in size, you can create another video channel for each incremental increase in audience size. This is an excellent way to build a relationship with your audience and to ensure that they remain subscribed to your channel. You can also create your own video website or blog to help you promote your video content and build a relationship with your existing audience and subscribers.