The Top 3 Trends In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends indicate that the future of online businesses lies heavily on the social media networks. Social Media allows you to connect with your customers around the globe. The ease of access and creation means that any size or type of business can create an online presence and grow their business quickly. Digital Marketing Trends suggests that the best time to start using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other such sites to build your brand is now. Digital Marketing Trends identifies four key areas where your online presence can be enhanced. These are:

Digital Marketing Trends

Content – this is the backbone of all Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies and the reason why marketers use Social Media to attract new customers. Social media provides great content at a highly personalized content level for your target audience. Digital Marketing Trends shows that marketers are realising this fact and are investing significantly in content. It is clear that marketers want more engaging, relevant and personal content to feed their consumers. With digital branding, you have the ability to deliver this personalized content directly to your customers in the format that will give you the greatest return on investment.

Gamification – the basis of a digital marketing trend is the integration of game elements into your campaigns and websites. It is important that all aspects of your website are linked together and games or activities that fit in with your branding strategy. This ties in perfectly with Google Analytics as it gives you the opportunity to measure all visitor interaction with your site. Gamification can also involve providing badges or rewards to those who engage with particular aspects of your website. Again this ties in with Google Analytics and can give you a greater insight into which elements of your website are used and which visitors are not interested in your products or services.

Social Media – The other essential trend within the digital marketing trends area is the introduction of social media to help you engage with your audience. Social media provides an opportunity to brand your reputation online and allows you to create a presence that is second to none. The best possible solution for this is the integration of 3 Voice Search (a leading website based utility) into your Google+ Business page. Google+ has recently launched a feature that allows business owners to upload videos that customers can then vote on and rate. The resulting results are published on Google+ pages, helping you engage with customers and drive more traffic to your website.

Instagram – Finally the third most important digital media trend is Instgram and Facebook’s new instant messaging application. Both instagram and facebook allow users to post short video clips, images and photographs to their profiles. These can be used for a variety of purposes such as sharing pictures, commenting on specific content and creating a virtual portfolio. In order to take full advantage of instagram trends, it is important that you engage with your audience by posting captivating images that get the viewer engaged and looking forward to what is to come. This will help you to establish brand credibility in a short space of time, as people will want to see what else you have to say next.

Whilst these three websites offer a great way to connect with customers, they also provide you with an opportunity to engage with existing customers. Customers are always looking to provide feedback on a product or service so providing them with information that helps them improve the experience is always a good idea. In order to do this you need to share ideas, photos and content on instagram as well as Facebook and Google+ and twitter. This will help you connect with customers in a brand new way and instagram trends will continue to grow.