How Social Media Marketing Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing has many benefits for your business. The most popular social network is Facebook, which launched in 2004. These sites offer both organic and paid opportunities to advertise. In addition to Facebook, you can also find highly targeted audiences on YouTube and Pinterest. These networks have the highest average order value of social shoppers. However, if you want to build a targeted audience, LinkedIn is the platform for you. This network has an educated and engaged user base, and its content is focused on industry specific topics.

You can also increase your brand awareness by expanding your audience. This is most effective when you are breaking into a new market or launching a new product. Additionally, expanding your audience never hurts. Specifically, you can measure the reach of your posts by looking at metrics such as post reach, potential reach, and audience growth rate. The audience growth rate is the percentage of new followers you gain. While this number might seem low, it is important to monitor how many people see your posts on each platform.

YouTube has a large audience: according to a recent survey, the average YouTube viewer spends 41 minutes a day watching videos. YouTube is the second-most popular social network for business video content. The audience of YouTube is equally divided between men and women in the United States. In fact, 72% of US women and 52% of US men use YouTube. With these statistics, social media marketing is the perfect medium for you to increase your brand awareness.

Viral marketing is another effective SMM strategy. This type of viral marketing attempts to spread product information through word-of-mouth. It can promote sales cheaply and generate viral content. Earned media, on the other hand, is a way to increase brand exposure that is not paid. Earned media includes product reviews, recommendation, shares, and mentions. Social media marketing also involves creating an audience for your business, which can be highly targeted.

Using employee advocacy can increase your audience’s trust. Employees who are proud of their company will promote your brand. This type of marketing is highly effective, and will result in more trust than traditional branding. It will help drive traffic to your site, generate leads, and increase engagement. To measure the ROI of social media, track the conversions from your posts. You’ll soon see whether it’s a worthwhile investment. The ROI of social media marketing is measurable, so make the most of it.

When developing social media strategies, always remember that authenticity is crucial. Don’t be afraid to be less-than-perfect if that’s what your customers want to see. Share behind-the-scenes content to show how your brand is human, and share the latest social media trends with your audience. It’s important to connect emotionally with your audience, and this can only be achieved by creating compelling content. However, if you don’t have the time to create content that reflects the human side of your brand, it won’t work for you.