Podcast Marketing For Beginners – How to Get Your Podcast Noticed Online

Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing For Beginners – How to Get Your Podcast Noticed Online

Podcast Marketing is becoming very popular these days as more people are enjoying the benefits of listening to high quality audio content. A podcast is basically an audio stream of voice-overs which can be downloaded onto a personal computer or iPod, typically for free. Podcast Marketing simply refers to utilizing a podcast to advertise your wares or services to a particular audience.

The podcast format is designed so that each episode contains a ” Podcaster Signature” at the end of the file, usually along the Podcast Listener Guidelines. The podcasters name is displayed in the “Podcasters Information” section at the end of each episode, and can also be found in the iTunes store for users who have purchased the podcast. Podcasts can be submitted to Podcast directories or they can be directly submitted to Podcast directories as well. Most podcast hosts will accept submissions through email, but some hosts may require submission via snail mail.

It is important to be aware that there are many limitations and restrictions placed upon the podcasting community. For example, while it is possible to trademark the voice of a podcaster, this is only possible if the owner of the rights can receive monetary compensation for their contribution. Additionally, podcast producers and hosts are not allowed to use copyrighted materials either within the podcast itself, or in any advertising or promotional material obtained from outside sources. This is designed to prevent “pirating”, which is when podcasters illegally download large amounts of music for personal usage.

Podcast Marketing requires a bit of technological know-how. First, it is important that you have all of the equipment that you will need in order to record each podcast episode. Most people are familiar with the basics of digital audio recording and their computer and microphone setup. However, if you are unfamiliar with equipment or simply are in a place where you do not have a lot of money to invest in new equipment, then consider renting a soundboard or sound mixing console until you are familiar with your chosen style. Then, once you feel comfortable with podcasting, purchasing your own equipment may not be as much of a budgetary issue.

One way to get your podcast known and podcasting podcast audience involved is to create an interview. Interviewing guests that are knowledgeable about the subject of your podcast shows is a great way to gain credibility as well. Podcast interview formats vary widely, but one common format includes the podcast host speaking to the guest, asking a series of questions pertaining to the podcast topic, and then inviting the guest to answer. Typically, each guest will have five minutes to speak and more time allotted by the podcast host to answer any follow up questions the host may have.

A podcast will often include behind the scenes interviews with the actual person creating the podcast as well as other podcasters who may be interested in a particular topic. These “special reports” or “special episodes” are generally promoted through advertising or behind the scenes promotions. In this case, the podcaster does not need to invest in expensive podcasting equipment. All they need is a voice recorder and the ability to record an audio file and send it out to the world for listeners to enjoy.