How To Combine Social Media With Your Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan is basically a comprehensive plan that outlines how you will reach your marketing goals through various online channels such as social media and search. However, most digital marketing plans will also summarize which various online marketing techniques and online channels you’ll be using, and how much you’ll be investing in them. In essence, the purpose of this marketing plan is to give you a clear sense of direction so you can invest your resources more effectively. But before you get started, you need to understand a bit more about digital marketing, and then you can determine how you can optimize your website and social media accounts for brand awareness.

There are two types of online marketing strategies you can implement. One is known as SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the second is called SMO, or social media optimization. SEO involves making sure that your website and your keywords rank well on the major search engines. For example, if someone was searching for dog collars in Los Angeles, they would most likely not want to find your site unless it had an SEO optimized web page.

Search engine optimization is the foundation of all other online marketing strategies, because it provides a unique data set that allows your website to show up higher on search results for certain key phrases. Therefore, it’s vital that you master SEO and learn how to make your website stand out among the competition. In addition, you need to learn how to target the ideal traffic to your site, so you can increase brand awareness. This is done by improving search engine rankings and visibility, and getting organic traffic to your site in the first place.

SMO is the opposite of SEO, and deals with the voice of the customer. Instead of making your website appear higher on search results based solely on keywords, you focus on what people say about your brand when they Google it. For example, if someone searches for “cheap dog collars” but your website doesn’t feature in the top 10, they won’t think your brand is cheap. Instead, they’ll note that your voice search optimization is strong and will help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

Facebook and Twitter are two forms of social media and should form an important part of any Digital Marketing plan. These are great ways to market your company, and you can use Facebook and Twitter to reach new customers and keep the relationships between current clients and prospects intact. This means that you can get leads on Facebook and twitter that you wouldn’t normally get, which is especially useful if you have an MLM business. You can also follow up with these leads and build trust, which will result in more sales and more customers. Additionally, you can send messages through Facebook and Twitter that encourage people to sign up for your list, and even get your page verified, which will help you gain credibility with industry partners and lenders.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing websites and should form an important part of your digital marketing plan. Millions of people use YouTube, and this means that your brand can reach a whole new audience. You can easily create and upload videos about your products and services, and can even find ways to monetize your videos. Your target audience will enjoy watching your videos and will be more likely to buy from you because they were able to see firsthand what your brand is all about. When you combine YouTube with Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to reach a larger audience than you might without these platforms.