5 Viral Ways to Use QR Codes in Your WeChat Marketing Mini-Program

There are some key elements of WeChat Marketing that can help you attract followers. The most important one is the inclusion of QR codes. These are used by users to add each other to their contacts or link to their official accounts. QR codes are available on every WeChat page and should be prominently featured. This strategy can increase followers and engagement. But how do you start using them? Read on to discover some of the best ways to use them.

WeChat Marketing

Banner Ads: These ads appear at the bottom of articles shared on your WeChat account. They can direct users to download an app or sign up for a service. You can also create fun HTML5 games and combine offline and online marketing by using QR codes. However, banner ads require a large amount of budget. The good news is that they don’t take much time to create. They are available in different languages. For example, Chinese users can convert from Chinese to English.

Video Content: Videos are a popular choice among Chinese users. In addition to photos, videos can also be shared. Creating a video content is another good idea. WeChat is becoming increasingly popular, so using video content is essential to increasing your audience. This format helps brands showcase their products in a unique way. You can use a variety of different formats to engage your audience. WeChat allows you to experiment with various media.

Moments – The ads on WeChat can be used for promoting your brand or an activity. A good example of this is a promotional video based on the popular game Monument Valley 2. The ad directed users to the App Store for purchasing the app. The overall interaction click-through rate of the ad is 5.40%. This is an effective strategy to promote a product or service. When it comes to advertising on WeChat, it’s crucial to know your audience.

Geo-location services are another effective tool for WeChat marketing. These services can help businesses target consumers based on their location and their interests. By using these services, businesses can create customized content for their WeChat audience. By creating a loyalty program, business can offer special discounts and promotions close to the consumer’s location. A business can also create VIP cards through the app. These cards can help businesses collect valuable information about consumers.

To succeed in WeChat, marketers should follow a few simple rules. They should make their mini-programs visually appealing and interactive. WeChat’s popularity has made it an indispensable app for marketers. Besides, they are very effective for generating more sales. If you want to succeed with WeChat, follow these steps and your business will grow fast! If you want to be a leader in WeChat, you need to have a great presence on the platform.